Cultural Sensitivity: Identifying and Celebrating Diversity in the Workplace

Tuesday, October 27, 2-3:30 PM ET
Session opens at 1:30 PM EST

Registration is required for this event.  

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In Child Support we work with and provide services for clients with varying cultural backgrounds.  To effectively communicate with all levels in the workplace, including those coming in for services; understanding, celebrating and respecting our differences is paramount. This class will focus on the sensitive concept of diversity and what it means in the workplace.  Participants will be encouraged to discuss various terms related to culture and diversity and how we respond to them.  We will facilitate discussions around how our own life experiences have influenced our thoughts and behaviors related to various cultures and how we can change those influences to create more productive and respectful cross-cultural relationships in the future.

The objectives and takeaways for this session are:

•    Identify the different parts of culture in Child Support
•    Discuss workplace culture and interactions and how they are funneled to client interaction
•    Identify how bias can shape policies and services
•    Identify behavioral norms and differences and how our reactions to them can impact communication
•    Discuss strategies for effective cross-cultural interaction in the workplace.


Bianca DuBose - Minnesota CSE, Training Unit Supervisor
Angela Watson - New Jersey Child Support Institute - Rutgers University, Training Coordinator

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