Leading the Charge Toward Same-Sex Parentage Acknowledgements

Tuesday, October 20, 2-3:30 PM ET
Session opens at 1:30 PM EST

Registration is required for this event.  

The Uniform Parentage Act (UPA) 2017 provides a uniform law for states to consider when changing the voluntary acknowledgement of parentage (VAP) process. Some states are also expanding the VAP process without adopting the UPA 2017 by seeking specific VAP legislation or collaborating with vital records agencies to update the forms. Join us to learn both best practices and challenges surrounding expanding the VAP process, as well as best practices for serving same-sex families in the child support program.


Kristin Donadee - California DCSS, Assistant Chief Counsel
Sarah Haselton

Diane Potts - CSF Division (Center for Support of Families), SLI Government Solutions, Director, Child Support Practice

Sharon Santilli - Rhode Island, DSE, IV-D Director

Lara Fors - CSF Division (Center for Support of Families), SLI Government Solutions, Senior Associate, Child Support

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