Research Inspires Great Work

Thursday, October 15, 2-3:15 PM ET
Session opens at 1:30 PM EST

Registration is required for this event.  

Research inspires, it introduces you to great people, it makes a difference, is challenging and is the future. Research is applicable to our everyday work and it can improve performance, enhance delivery, target services and identify changing trends. This session of INSPIRE will introduce you to two great researchers and studies that are right on point for today’s work with families. You will also have an opportunity to become familiar with NCSEA’s r stellar research committee and the webpage and resources that they are managing and making available to you.


Mel Bowman - St. Croix County, Child Support Specialist,  St. Croix County
Sofi Martinez - HHS/ASPE, Social Science Analyst
Jolie Sheppick - Orange County DCSS, Research Manager

Alisha Griffin - Alisha Griffin Wks, Managing Director

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